Below is a list of scenarios on what a call center agent should do in that case. If that process is not followed, then an escalation email with all the details as to why it is being escalated.

Here is the email template that should be followed;

To: AgentsOnly NuSupport <>

CC: Nick Bouman <>; Alaric Nel <>

Subject: Coaching Opportunity - [Agent's Name]

Hello team,

Can you please coach the agent for the following?

Contact ID: [call recording ID]
Customer Phone:
Agent: [Agent's user name from the call recording]
Notes: [Why are you sending this request]

Suggested course of action: [What outcome are we expecting from this email]

ScenarioProcedureAction If Procedure Is Not Followed
Customer wants 1/2 and 1/2 specialty pizzaAgent should transfer the customer to the store as this is not a configurable option at the momentSend a coaching email to the call center