We host the phone systems for some locations. We are able to determine if a location is hosted by reviewing the store information in the Fleet Manager tool.

  • To determine if we host a store's phone system, look up the store ID in the top left corner of the page (using 7777 as an example):

  • This example returns multiple results which is not uncommon. Each store is identified by their ID. We are looking for 7777 in the list:

  • Clicking on 'Dominos-7777' link will bring us to the location's management window with multiple tabs. We want to select the 'Call History And Recordings' tab:

  • From this tab, ensure you select a date range starting how far back you want to search, then ending the last day for the search. If you have a customer phone number, this will make the search much easier. You can enter the entire phone number in the format of (###) ###-#### or use just the last 4 digits of the phone number. Your choice:  

  • To download the call, scroll to the right and click the download button. The play button doesn't always work so it is best you start with downloading the call: